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Venture into the human mind

If you like your games with a lot of adventuring and exploration but aren't too fussed about unnecessary complications like combat and platforming, then Ether One might just be what you're looking for. It's quite a deep game which requires plenty of investment by the player but if you're in the right frame of mind, there's a fascinating world to uncover here. The player is thrown into the role of The Restorer, who works for the Ether company. It's your job to enter the mind of a patient suffering from dementia and unscramble their fractured memories so that the person can start the healing process. The mind is represented by a town known as Pinwheel, and the memories are shown in-game as red ribbons. You can simply collect these ribbons but you can also explore further in order to uncover more puzzles and to reveal more information about the patient and their past. The whole thing is played out in first person fashion and there is no combat or platforming, with the focus simply being on exploration and understanding the issues behind the gameplay, and which makes things compelling and rewarding. Ether One certainly stands out from the crowd of point-and-click adventures like Broken Sword, with its unique, hand-painted graphics that give it a distinct feel and its slow-paced, but compelling gameplay. It's perhaps not going to be for everyone, but the combination of mostly fascinating puzzles and unusual themes makes this a very unusual but rewarding gaming experience that will linger in the memory long after it's been finished.