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Europa 1400: The Guild (pc game)
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Strategy, puzzle, adventure; unique take on economic simulation

Europa 1400: The Guild is definitely one of the most original ways of delivering an economic simulation game. It creates a vibrant world, which is sparsely interactible, where the elements have direct simulation effects. Imagine this; if you want to produce some iron goods in the game, you have to go into the forge area and click on the forge. This will bring a menu where you can choose to create the objects you want to, depending on your resources, of course. Want to sell them? Well you can either build a stall, and after clicking that one, start selling for a price you find appealing, and, of you want to buy something, the same type of actions have to be performed. So, the way this game combines abstracted simulation with these less abstract, interactive overlays (in a cool looking medieval world in 3D) makes the game very personal. You basically are more engaged with the simulation, as, say, building a depot or a storehouse will actually allow you to see it being built, rather than just having the numerical game only. So, if you love a medieval kind of economical sim, with lots of personality and lots of sides to it, try it, it's both highly playable as well as never too difficult to understand, though it will require some getting used to, especially if you come from a classic simulation game world. And try Europa 1400 Gold as well, which adds other elements to the game, while keeping the basic recipe the same.