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European Super League (pc game)
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Soccer manager that never took off due to lack of polish

European Super League is an early demonstration of the fact that rushed out games get lost in a mass of other, better games. Yes, the mathematical intricacies of simulating the effects of your choices are there, but the game just looks poor. At any rate, European Super League contains 8 teams in total, pertaining to the European league and you can choose to manage whichever you desire. Your options range from close to the playing field during game interventions to a lot of other portions. You can buy and sell players, establish training for them, mange the PR aspects and the communication with the press and so on. But you will be hard boiled not to find the game lacking in ways that make it almost unplayable. A much better contender would be European Super League a game released much later on, focused on a number of European teams as well. So, if anything, you might appreciate European Super League for the trick of putting forward some of its control option in an interface that is constructed in a conference like room, just like many of the CD interfaces of games and media CDs used to do.