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Evocation 2 (pc game)
4.5 out of 5 (2 votes)
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The second game in the adventure of Eto

This Italian adventure game continues the adventure that Eto started while trying to become a better master of the arcane. Eto managed to escape from the island where his master wickedly managed to send him, where he became a more potent wizard, but, in this second title, these lessons learnt need to be put to the test. In terms of gameplay the same ideas of the original predominate. There are puzzles that ask you to combine objects you need to find during your walkabouts, there are (sort of) action puzzles that ask of you to press the right sequence of buttons so that a magic conjuration is done and also, you have to talk your way out of some hairy situations. Graphically, for a 96 game, I can't really complain. The environments and the scenarios are really nice, most of them being digital creations using real world decorations, while the animations are generally sequestered to the videos. But it works for this first person game. It might not be a game that everyone loves, but for an obscure adventure, it sure has enough up its sleeve to be worth a go, especially if you love ancient architecture and like virtual time travel!