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Evoland 2, A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder (pc game)
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A classic adventure

It's pretty obvious where Evoland 2, the sequel to the proof of concept Evoland, gets its inspiration from and if you love old-school RPGs like Zelda, Final Fantasy and Story of Thor, then this is well worth a look. It takes that classic 2D topdown approach, throws in turn-based combat, a charming time-travelling story and plenty of enjoyable exploration to create a timeless adventure. The story is a pretty complex one, which although it uses many familiar elements from things like Chrono Trigger, it turns out to be quite enthralling and will almost certainly keep you hooked to the end. One cool aspect borrowed from similar games is the way the visuals change depending on which time zone you're in, becoming more basic when you go backwards and improving when you zip forward. You also have all the usual elements associated with such games, including multiple characters, quests, lots of items to buy, turn-based combat and so on. Although Evoland doesn't offer much new to the genre, it scores a lot of points by simply getting things done well and if you do remember the 8- and 16-bit RPG era with fondness, then there is much to enjoy here. The quest is pretty lengthy and should keep you going for some time, with a decent level of challenge and some interesting monsters and bosses to battle. Combat is quite fast-paced and fun while offering a decent level of strategy and the visuals capture that retro look perfectly, with some lovely environments and characters. Overall, this is a top notch retro experience.