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Executioners (pc game)
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Nice and funny

Executioners is a pretty typical beat 'em up platform game that doesn't have anything unique or special, but is still pretty fun and exciting. There is nothing much to say about the game - you just go from level to level beating up guys that are against you taking on the biggest bad in the hood. Of course, you're better, stronger and bigger than them so you fight them off with ease with your strong punches, high kicks and many more cool moves that promise a few bruises or more in the morning. Each new level is more challenging than the last, so your progress will be harder and you'll have to put a bit more effort in your moves. The enemies are various and challenging, not very original but still pretty good. The graphics are pretty nice for 1992, and the weird design truly brings a sense of personality to the developers. The audio is also pretty solid, nothing much, but fits the game just right. It has a few witty references and humorous features, so there will also be a giggle or two in the bunch. If you like beat em up games like Golden Axe, you'll take a bite out of this one too. Have fun!