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F1 2001 (pc game)
3.67 out of 5 (3 votes)
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Looks great , but has some unpleasant changes

F1 2001 is a racing game perfect for those that seek new physics and graphics engines that influence positively the track irregularities and bumps. These engines also add some extras like fully animated 3D road effects concerning the car's ability to get back on track or the weather conditions of the actual events. The game's modes are the same as the previous Formula One game: Quick Race, Test Day, Multiplayer, Grand Prix and Championship, with the new mode named "Driving School". The first things that will raise your interest more for this game are the great environment details, the nice music, animations, the cars you have to drive: Ferrari, Jaguar, McLaren, and BAR (and these are only a few). Of course, the Formula One main star, Michael Schumacher, isn't missing. You will notice that the vehicles require special tact or skill in handling, than in F1 2000 and its racing game brother. During races, I felt like the speed idea was a bit exaggerated, and this affected my sense of realism. Beside this, I recommend this game for its well crafted gameplay and general elements that create an enjoyable racing experience for the fans of this genre. But, one more thing, I definitely won't compare F1 2001 with GP 3! Formula One 2001 has too many changes that won't please the racing veterans.