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F1 Manager 2000 (pc game)
4.43 out of 5 (21 votes)
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  • Eddie Irvine on his Ferrari number 4
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Fun and very well organized

Those that love managerial sports games will definitely love this one too. F1 Manager 2000 gives you the opportunity to manage every aspect, such as sponsors, employees, the general development, vehicle testing, various strategies, and many more. The real names in this game amplify even more the realism. Speaking of names, and I am talking about big ones, you will play as Ron Dennis and Eddie Jordan, trying as much as possible to lead the Formula 1 teams to glory. All the pilots and other members you have to choose have a great personality and a high expertise on the F1 circuits. You will get used to the gameplay and controls very quickly, so this game is quite easy. Once you have clarified the three important elements (the pilots, cars and team), you have to prepare for the race, which is the most challenging part. There is a testing possibility, to see how your cars behave on the track. Before the proper race, the circuit training and the qualifications will take place, all these in three days. During the car preparations, the technical members will stay at your disposal, suggesting some modifications, if they are necessary. Depending on your efforts in the days before the big race, you will win or not. Because F1 Manager 2000 is very well organized, and the gameplay runs without issues, you will enjoy it very much!