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Fading Footsteps (pc game)
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  • Controlling a dog
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A simple simulation if you like nature and wolves

Fading Footsteps is a life simulation game which simulates the life of wolves and how they survive through their life cycle. The game was basically made for a charitable purpose but has not been good in catering a large array of gamers. The plot in this game is that you will play a wolf and make it survive the life cycle by searching for food and shelter. Wolf is another game which is based on the same theme but is far more superior despite its 2D graphics. This game is though based on a 3D engine but the developers have not been able to give the game a detailed view of the survival and efforts in the game. You will use the senses of the wolves and also have a smell meter which enables you to search out the food that is necessary for survival. The graphics in the game are not detailed in certain sections which makes it hard to differentiate between certain things in the gameplay. The user of this game is not ordinary at all but the controls lack in smoothness and responsiveness. The game is overall average and there are far better games out there.