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Falcon Gold (pc game)
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  • Image intro
  • Main menu
  • Falcon Gold pc game
  • Start mission
  • Bombs reedy
  • Search enemies
  • Fire at will
  • Go to the left
  • Enemy in target
  • In the air
  • So many buttons
  • Just left the carrier
  • I'm curious what each button does
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Falcon Gold is included in this package:

Highway to the danger zone

If you're looking to get into one of the best combat flight sim franchises in gaming history and are a fan of things like SU-27 Flanker, then this is a great package to pick up. It puts together one of the best entries in the Falcon series, Falcon 3.0, with three expansions and even includes a cool documentary on the art of dogfighting. Starting with Falcon 3.0, you have a superb and highly detailed combat flight sim that packs all the realism and features you would expect from Spectrum Holobyte. There's a great variety of missions to fly, lots of options to play around with and plenty of intense, hardcore dogfighting action to enjoy. The MIG-29 expansion pack lets you find out what it's like to fly this legendary fighter and features more of the same but with a nice Russian twist. The Hornet pack puts you in control of F18s and lets you create co-op missions with F16s in seven different conflict zones, while Operation: Fighting Tiger includes three new scenarios featuring Japan versus Russia, a second Korean War and full-on war between India and Pakistan, along with new planes to try out. For anyone interested in trying their hand at combat flight sims, this is a stunning set that needs to be picked up. There's so much detail and variety on offer across the various games and add-ons that you'll probably be playing for years. Even though the games are a few years old, they still look and sound great, and although they're complex, the intuitive controls make the experience an enjoyable one. Definitely one to add to your collection.