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Fallout 4 (pc game)
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Are you ready for the future?

The original Fallout is a stunning old-school RPG which needs to be in the collection of any classic game fan, alongside the likes of Wasteland and Baldur's Gate. Fallout 4 is the much hyped sequel which adds a ton of modern visual flash and style but doesn't stint on the wonder, adventure and all-out entertainment. The story is a bit of mindbender, taking place in an alternate future that diverged from our own timeline after World War II and now has a hugely stylish retro-futuristic aesthetic which is undeniably cool. After waking from a long cryo-sleep, your character emerges into a post-apocalyptic wasteland and must venture forth in search of whatever is out there. Gameplay-wise, this is a massive open-world RPG, sort of like a science fiction take on the Elder Scrolls series, where you'll roam around while following the main storyline, picking up sidequests and engaging in explosive combat against the various denizens of this future nightmare. Fallout 4 really is a stunning game which needs to be played by anyone with any interest in the genre or who just likes awesome games. There's so much to do and see here that you're likely to never see most of it, but even so, the journey is an epic one full of wonder and awe. You've got some stunning visuals which bring the apocalypse to eye-popping life, and there's much entertainment to be had from simply exploring and seeing what's out there. The combat is tense, strategic and exciting, while the numerous RPG elements add depth and variety, so when you add all this up, you're left with an instant modern classic.