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Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money DLC (pc game)
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Vegas, baby

This is a piece of DLC for the superb New Vegas which is well worth picking up if you're looking for a way to expand the lifespan of this classic RPG. The base game is a sprawling, truly epic game which packs in heaps of customization, action and fine storytelling, and this add-on just does it again, only differently. You play the role of a courier, drawn to an abandoned bunker in the post-apocalyptic wasteland that is the series' trademark setting by a mysterious signal. However, the next thing you remember is waking up with a collar around your neck and a message from an enigmatic religious leader telling you to seek out a great treasure. What follows is effectively more of the same as the base game offers, just on a slightly smaller scale, but which allows you to explore even more of the wasteland. You've got new quests to complete here as part of the overall storyline, and which bring in new enemies and other bits and bobs, while also introducing some helpful characters including a lounge singer and a schizophrenic mutant and who make your journey even more interesting. Dead Money is somewhat divisive when it comes to Fallout fans. Many find it frustratingly difficult, while there are also a few mechanics introduced which render the experience less enjoyable that it should be. However, it certainly nails the post-apocalyptic feeling better than ever, although the landscapes are a tad repetitive. Story-wise, this is a cracker, with some compelling plot lines to enjoy and if you are up to the challenge, this is a fine piece of DLC.