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Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition (pc game)
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Taking back the city

If you take classic RPGs like Oblivion and send them into the apocalypse, you end up with the Fallout series and this Ultimate Edition of New Vegas is a superb package which combines the base game with tons of DLC, and which makes for a must have to any serious RPG fan's collection. The story here finds you in an alternate timeline where a nuclear apocalypse destroyed the world during the 1950s and sees you playing a courier who is set up during a delivery and then left for dead. The story revolves around you efforts to find out who you are and who wanted you dead, and sees you exploring the wastelands of Nevada while encountering numerous shady gangs and other characters. The gameplay is similar to Fallout 3, being an open-world RPG with huge amounts of customization, loads of side quests, heaps of weapons and so on. The four expansion packs here include new maps and quests, along with weapons and other bits and bobs, with some interesting storylines and fascinating places to explore, and which serve to flesh out the world created here. However you look at it, this is a superb package which is the best way to get into this classic game. There's simply so much to do and see here that you'll be playing for years and everything is executed almost to perfection. The story is complex and bold and never less than utterly compelling, while the visuals are still top notch, with some stunning environmental design to enjoy. Any quibbles are minor and overall, this is a true RPG classic.