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Far Cry 3 (pc game)
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Take me to the beach

The first two games in the Far Cry series were pretty smart shooters that mixed open-world elements with RPG aspects plus a whole lot of action to create some top-notch thrills. However, the series really hit its stride with this third instalment and it's this one which really nails what the developers were going for. The game finds you in the role of a daredevil young traveller who finds himself in the South Pacific on a skydiving trip with his buddies when they inadvertently land on an island controlled by mad pirates. It then falls to our hero to escape, find his buddies, and explore the island and all its mysteries while fending off the pirates. The game itself is a massive open-world experience where you're free to go pretty much where you want to, while taking on the local wildlife and killing pirates as you go. There are outposts to take over to help the natives, weapons to collect and upgrade, vehicles to race around on, while stealth is always an option too. There's also a coop mode for the campaign, giving another option for a game which already has a heap of things to do. Far Cry 3 really is an absolute stonker of a game. It hits you hard in the face from the outset and the action never lets up in its pretty hefty running time. There's a tremendous sense of fun, despite the seriousness of some of the story elements and you'll really have a blast playing it. Everything handles and feel superb, with a believable world to explore and fascinating characters to meet. The excellent visuals are just the icing on an already wonderful cake.