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Farao (pc game)
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A Dutch Zork like, about pyramids exploration

Farao is a text based adventure game, similar to Zork because it offers you the chance to explore the insides of a few Egyptian pyramids, and most of it takes place underground. Zork also had a penchant for cave systems exploration, but, differently, there is little to no magic here; in Farao you are just an inquisitive tourist, who finds himself away from the group with which he started the exploration, and thus, he now has to find his way back to (some!) exit. A lot of the puzzles are thus environmental and will take into consideration your ability to find your way around, to remember the details of your exploration. At any rate, you need to be well aware that the game is in Dutch, so if you're Dutch or a student of the language you might have a chance of playing it, otherwise it's just not going to make sense. Unless of course, you find some translation of the game, which is quite unlikely. So, rather, stick to your Zork series, which I'm sure you haven't yet finished, and that would be a worthy accomplishment!