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Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing (pc game)
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  • Get that bear out of my pool!
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  • I'm gonna get that fish
  • And the game begins
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The Farm Frenzy series of animal management sims is a simple but strangely addictive set of games which provides casual players with some charmingly relaxed entertainment. This fish-based addition to the franchise is equally as enjoyable as its stablemates so if you do enjoy a nice bit of time management fun, then this is well worth picking up. The idea here is similar to other titles, which require you to manage the various aspects of a farm, like buying and feeding animals, shipping off milk and other resources and generally making sure everything runs shipshape. This version finds you in charge of an island farm with a large pond which is just waiting to be filled with fish of various kinds. There are 90 new levels to play through here, each with their own unique challenges while you've got a good range of fish, several new buildings to make use, and new products to sell. There's also an all-new Endless Mode to try out, which provides the most long-term entertainment and the whole thing is dressed up in the series' usual colorful visuals. Gone Fishing is not going to appeal to the hardcore strategy gamer but if you're more of a casual player who just wants a bit of fun, this is just about perfect. The setting is lovely, with some nice visuals that are relaxing and full of personality. The time management gameplay is easy to pick up but gets quite challenging, although it's just on the right side of difficult. The new animals and buildings are suitably different from previous versions to make this worth picking up even if you have played the older games, and overall this is a fine slice of casual gaming.