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Fear Equation (pc game)
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Dare you ride this train?

Fear Equation is like a bizarre and twisted take on the tower defense genre, as seen in Anomaly: Warzone Earth, but with the horror level jacked up to eleven, and which makes for a very entertaining, if creepy, experience. It's very original, with some interesting gameplay mechanics, and when combined with the atmospheric visuals and setting, this deserves to be part of any decent horror collection. You are The Engineer, a mysterious chap who's in charge of a very special and unusual train and it's your job to try and rescue the various hapless people who are disappearing into an all-encompassing fog which is spreading across the world. Those who survive their time in the fog report of horrific dreams, so if you can get them out, you're also going to have to figure out how to stop these nightmares and return their sanity. Most of the game is set about various parts of the train, where you'll manage the passengers, monitor their sanity levels, build up your defenses and other such activities which are crucial to your well being. The passengers react badly to the situation, and may gang up on you so you really need to balance your time between looking after them and looking after the train. It's this careful juggling act which is at the core of the game's appeal, and this variety really helps it to come alive. The whole thing is very immersive, thanks to the detailed visuals and clever use of lighting, with the sound adding much to the atmosphere. Fear Equation might not be for everyone, and it's probably not going to last you forever, but anyone who dares to ride this train is sure to be in for a devilishly good time.