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Feist (pc game)
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Get out of the forest

If this looks a little familiar, well there's a good reason for that, as Feist is in many ways very similar to the excellent Limbo. However, while this one does offer some pretty enjoyable action platform shenanigans, it falls a little short of its inspiration thanks to being overcomplicated and a little frustrating. You play a small creature who is trapped in a mysterious world and your job is basically to escape, which involves venturing through several hostile environments and avoiding or dealing with the various nasties that stand between you and freedom. You have a few abilities and items to make use of in your escape attempt while one of the game's big selling points is the enemies with their emergent behaviors and which will keep you on your toes. The whole thing is told in 2D side scrolling fashion and there is a haunting soundtrack to back up the action. Feist is an interesting little game that doesn't quite deliver on its promise. In its favor, it is superb looking game, with a lovely visual style that is reminiscent of Badlands and which gives it a real sense of personality. The aforementioned soundtrack is also impressive and adds much to the spooky atmosphere and which really helps to immerse you in the game. However, on the downside, the game is very short, clocking in at only a couple of hours at most. Even though it's short, it's also quite difficult and you can expect to die a lot before you reach the end. It also gets a bit repetitive and feels very unfair so overall, this is easily skipped.