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2D or 3D? You choose!

Fez is a very cute puzzle based platform game that centers around Gomez, a 2D character that lives in a flat 2D world. One day, Gomez finds a mysterious artifact called the Hexahedron, a sort of a hat that gives him a fantastic ability of seeing a third dimension. Unfortunately, something very bad happened and Fez found himself back into his 2D world, without his hat, but his 3D vision ability still remains. Something also happened to his world and it's starting to fall apart. He now must find 32 cubes of the Hexahedron to remake his hat and to stop the world from crumbling to little pieces. The objective of the game is to find these pieces to reassemble his hat. Gomez can also fin 32 anti-cubes by solving various challenging puzzles. The first appearance of the game is one of a 2D world, but you have the ability to change your perspective by rotating the screen 90 degrees to see objects in 3D, representing Gomez's ability to see in 3D. Sometimes you can't see the exit of the level unless you do the rotation. The whole game is ingeniously planned out and designed and the whole experience looks really great. The storyline is extremely interesting, the music absolutely phenomenal, and the graphics are just amazing. I swear I have never seen a game as original and entertaining as Fez is. Highly recommended!