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Field & Stream: Trophy Bass 4 (pc game)
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Thrilling 3D hunting game

It is a 3D fish hunting game which involves a great variety of missions and some very interesting gameplay. The gameplay is what you call thrilling because every hunting mission involves some realistic dynamics and makes you go through different set ups and environments with different threats and obstacles on the way. There is variety of 25 different missions which are progressive in nature and are very distinct and diverse. The other variety in the gameplay includes the varying weather conditions which will impact the way how you hunt in the game and also effects your score. Well it's a hunting game and off course it requires weapons and tools. The developers have not been disappointing in this regard because they have provided different weapons, bows and shot guns which you can select and which will be unlocked at various levels depending on your progress in the game. You can also collect power ups on different missions. Another diverse and thrilling fish hunting game that I know is Sega Bass Fishing.