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Final Fantasy III (pc game)
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  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Intro image
  • Final Fantasy III pc game
  • Obtained 30 gil
  • Looking for treasures
  • Two enemies
  • Go forward
  • Some light
  • Climb stairs
  • Empty box
  • Luneth
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Live the fantasy

The Final Fantasy series is something of a legend, with uncountable titles in the main franchise plus spinoffs and more adding up to a mighty behemoth that wobbles every now and then but is mostly an excellent set of games. This fancier upgrade of the original Final Fantasy III is another solid entry in the series and if you've grown up on the modern iterations, then you should consider taking at look at this and Final Fantasy II to see where it all came from. The story here finds the world once more covered in darkness, requiring four brave youths to step forward and embark on an epic adventure to save everyone from inevitable doom. What follows is a classically styled RPG where you'll explore a massive world with your party of heroes while engaging in turn-based combat and enjoying all the superb design work that makes Final Fantasy games so popular. This version features improved 3D visuals and enhanced story sequences as well as a few other upgrades and tweaks. This really is a cracking example of the old-school RPG and if you have any interest in such things, this needs to be in your collection. It's got a wonderfully compelling and beautiful storyline which really sucks you in until the epic climax. The gameplay still holds up well today, with excellent combat, genuinely thrilling exploration and other elements which all combine to make a fine example of the genre. The visuals are gorgeous, with lovely character work and environmental design so really, there's no excuse not to have this in your collection.