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Final Fantasy IV (pc game)
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Living the fantasy

Final Fantasy IV is actually the second instalment in the classic series, being the Western version known as Final Fantasy II, and for many it remains one of the best of the old-school 2D games in the franchise. It's got just about everything you could hope for in such a game, from challenging combat, to a vast cast of characters and a great storyline, to a huge world to explore and if you have any interest in such things, you need to grab this. The plot here is a complex one, featuring an epic tale revolving around the mysterious actions of the king, and with the captain of the Red Wings, the air force, getting caught up in a grand conspiracy. The essential gameplay is familiar stuff, this being a party-based RPG with characters filling a number of classes and with turn-based combat forming the core. The version is a full remake of the original with full voice acting, a new super-deformed look for the visuals, as well as features like an increased difficulty level, new quests and other such things. Final Fantasy IV really is a classic of the genre and needs to be in any RPG fan's collection. This version is perhaps the definitive one available now and the new features make it worth playing whether you've seen the original or not. The visuals might not be to everyone's taste but there's no denying they're full of charm and personality. The story is a gripping one and will have you hooked to the end while the gameplay is compelling and exciting stuff. A real classic that holds up well today.