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Fire and Ice (fire & ice: the daring adventures of cool coyote) (pc game)
5 out of 5 (17 votes)
  • Title screen
  • There's a fox playing a piano!
  • Let's get moving!
  • Looks a bit nippy out there
  • Watch out for falling icicles
  • Slip sliding away!
  • Bouncy bouncy
  • He looks like he could do with some warming up
  • You can do it!
  • I'm gonna smash you!
  • I think 'great' is an exagerration
  • Those eyes will haunt my dreams
  • Game title screen
  • Watch your step
  • Courtesy of Abandonware France.
  • Courtesy of Arena 80.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
  • Image extracted from youtube video.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Great Game

@HrvojeC This game is really great. I loved it when playing it in the 90s on a b/w screen. The PC had 300MB of disk space and 1MB of RAM that time ;)One problem with this game today: After every level you have to enter some kind of "key" code. There's chart contained in some downloads which shows those keys. But to find the right key you have to know a special character of the original game manual. The game tells you where to find that letter by telling you the manual page and line... But the downloads don't contain the manual. Result: You can only play the first level. If you want to play more levels you have to guess one of 26 key code combinations after every level - and this is only true if you really have the key chart. Without it it would be much more difficult.

A very cute platformer

This is fun shooting 2D platformer that was released in 1992 for the AMIGA by Renegade, a game publisher that was famous in the nineties and is responsible for games such as Gods and Elfmania. The game has beautiful, colorful colors that were very advanced at that time, making the game experience visually truly spectacular. While a typical platformer game, the little rat like protagonist is very cute and attractive with nice moves, so the gameplay is very fun and interesting. You can't get to the end of the level until you have the key and the key is consisted of several parts and the key parts you will get by destroying your enemies. The way you do it is very cool - first you have to freeze them and then walk to them and crash them into little frozen parts. If you don't, then they will melt of and be adjusted to your ice pellets that it will take a lot longer to freeze them again. The cool gameplay, the very cute main character, combined with the awesome graphics make this seemingly average platform game a little better than average. Very fun for children!