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Fire Fight (pc game)
4.5 out of 5 (14 votes)
  • Made by Electronic Arts
  • Fire Fight main screen
  • You've found the target: destroy!
  • The spaceship is easy to control
  • Looking for the base to land
  • Level 1 - mission complete
  • Level 2 - harvest some resources around the map
  • Keep harvesting, pay attention to enemy spaceship
  • Incoming missile
  • Level select screen
  • Courtesy of Arena 80.
  • Image extracted from gameplay video.
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A top down flight and shoot gallery' great fun

Fire Fight is a proper top down action flight and gun game, one that truly shines at bringing together a great 2D set of background, slightly post apocalyptic with an 8 directional controllable, non scrolling ship. Thus, the pace of the game is set by you, though at times you will find yourself in tight confines, because as in classic scrolling games there are loads of enemies that will come to get you. At any rate, though, Fire Fight is fun, it's diverse and will really be liked by those that love the kinds of games where the ground looks realistic, but is not; it's like a torn down Earth, with city vistas that has a lot of character. But then again, you will traverse desserts too, green areas and much more. It's fun, well produced, and it sure has all the necessary tidbits that you'd like to see in a classic game. Fire Fight is also pretty cool in terms of the way it uses visual effects in its favor. It's fun and it's got loads of different areas and spaces, plus loads of different ships to play from within. Also, as expected, it also has a whole load of upgrades, so you're never left without a new weapon. Similarly, play something like Alien Shooter, for a similar set-your-own-pace kind of experience.

Fight the bogies

Fire fight is an action game released in 1996 and created by Chaos Works (something like Descent). The player takes control of a low flying space craft and must take out key objective in each mission to go to the next one. During the game, you must collect items in order to survive each adventure and you are helped on your way by your comrades via live transmissions. You are equipped with lots of weapons and you can also pick up special powers as mines or cloaking devices for invisibility. The game also has a two-player mode over the network and can actually be the most interesting way to play it. The regular missions are fun and challenging, but nothing beats live human intelligence one against the other. Players can use mines to set up traps for one another, and the cloak or the shield can be used for evasive tactics. The visuals are very detailed, dynamic and very good considering it's the nineties, but sometimes the details can be a bit jumpy and that can be almost distracting at places and can be described as the Achile's heel to the otherwise very interesting and tense action game.