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Firefighter (pc game)
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  • It seems that red is outnumbered
  • The fire is almost gone
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Be a firefighter in a top down 8bit Zeldaesque universe

Fire is all around us, ready to burst and to engorge anything that moves! Yes, even the cute, little top down, 8bit styled world of this game, but, at the very least, this game has a way of dealing with it! You will be a mighty fireman, looking to extinguish the fires that spring here and there, and which are rendered beautifully in NES styled tile shifting nuances! Quite a cute game, given how well it is rounded, a game that is almost too cute and that might even wrongly give the impression that fire is this nice, great thing, a play toy to end all other toys. So, ultimately, Firefighter is the kind of game that puts a spin on top down RPG in that you won't be fighting baddies, but rapidly spreading fires. The mechanics that are used to simulate fire spreads and extinguishing, are, by all means, really nice, like a combination of arcade gameplay that wants to render a more serious issue in graphics. So, given the nature of the game, it sure is worth trying, a rare blend and a subject matter that is even rarer in games. Download it along with Blue Water Hunter, if all the fiery fires need a quick blue tinged ocean immersion!