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Firewatch (pc game)
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A walk in the woods

Walking simulators are most definitely not to everyone's tastes but if you do enjoy a good narrative married to very little in the way of actual gameplay, Firewatch is bound to be your sort of thing. It is an undeniably pretty game which, when combined with the intriguing story, does make for a pleasant and thought-provoking experience but which is likely to leave many gamers screaming for some action. The idea here is that you are Harry, a man who has retired to the quiet of Wyoming in 1989 to act as a fire lookout. During one long, hot summer, a series of strange occurrences start to occur, raising Harry's usually mundane existence to another level and which require him to venture forth into the wilderness in order to discover what's really going on. 'Walking simulator' really is the best way to describe the game as there's little in the way of interactivity here and most of the time you'll be exploring the landscape, looking for clues to piece together the narrative, but beyond that, there's no real gameplay here. What there is though, is an intriguing mystery that is put together with enough style and substance to make you want to uncover what's really going on. The characters are well written and complex while there are adult themes here that are not often touched upon in gaming, so do consider this is you're intending to play with a younger gamer. The visuals are lovely and help to create the foreboding atmosphere that the story demands, with some beautiful scenery to enjoy. Firewatch is not for everyone but if you want to get lost in the woods, this is the way to do it.