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Flying Corps Gold (pc game)
4.55 out of 5 (11 votes)
  • The Red Baron strikes again
  • Now we're playing as the Baron
  • Watching a bit replay
  • He has no equal!
  • The most dangerous pilot
  • Another poor victim
  • Black smoke from your plane
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Fun filled flight simulation

Here it is a flight simulation game which is based on the world war 2 theme and has a great chunk of features which will really fascinate you big time and will allow you to feel the thrill. The game being a combat flight simulation focuses on the modeling and the dynamics of the aircraft. There are 6 airplanes in the game and all have their distinct modelling and features which provides you a distinct experience in experience in every plane that you fly. The flight dynamics in the game are very close to realism and the same can be said about the controls because they are very responsive and smooth. The user interface has been devised with a lot of focus on user friendliness and this gives the game a lot of playability value. The game has 3D graphics which enhances the exploration value and renders a clear and all out view of the action. It also gives you a campaign mode which is really fun to play. The game also has a mission editor which allows you to blend t with your own touch. The weapons or the destructive side of the air combats is also great and you can upgrade them with a lot of weapons. The original Flying Corps is though not as good as this one, but it also renders a lot of fun.