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Football Manager 2011 (pc game)
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Addictive soccer management game

Most of the soccer management games have been giving a lot of same features over the years and have a typical variety to them. This game is very much on the same lines but has the element of variety and addictiveness. Being a manager of a football team, you will do every possible effort to ensure that you team is on the right path of success and has everything which is needed to become a champion. You will trade players, devise match tactics, make investments for arranging finances and managing the club and arrange practice matches to enhance the skills and stamina of your players. Being a manager in the game, you have to keep an eye on the stats and figures which will help you in making decisions needed for the team. It has a lot of options in store but the good thing is that all the features and options have been well defined and area supported by a very good interface. The matches take place in real time and feature smooth graphics and animations which makes the game a lot of fun. It's worth experiencing rather than just talking about. Football Manager 2 has also been a good game in this genre.