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Football Masters 98 (pc game)
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A football management simulation with variety

This football simulation game is somewhat complex and very detailed which involves some of the in-depth features which make it more near to reality rather than a fun game. It contain accurately detailed European and domestic cups with team kits and invitation from other teams that are controlled by the computer. Coming towards being a detailed management football simulation, it has features and options like player negotiation through scouts, financial management and management of resources, holidays, insurance, player bonuses, training contracts, sponsorship deals, customizable assistant and a great variety of many other options. The thing to understand here is that it's more of the real dynamics that are involved in the world of football rather than the exciting gameplay or football action. It takes you into a world where you get up close and personal with the game and understand what you have never known. What is really fascinating is the fact that you can customize the options like your scout's ability to select players based on various stats such as heights, performance, market worth and you can also customize the details of the stadium such as pitch size color etc. Overall it's a good football management game. Well if you want to enjoy some real football action, try Sensible Soccer 98.