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Front Page Sports: Football Pro '95 (pc game)
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  • Front Page Sports: Football Pro '95 pc game
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  • Courtesy of Abandonware France.
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Football at its best

This is one of the best soccer games that I have played. Well it may be because I have not played many but still this game has tons of features to excite you. The first great thing in the game is that you have thousands of play stocks at your disposal. The biggest feature with the game is the brilliant play editor which allows you to devise a great variety of different plays very much to your liking. The play editor is great because of the great gaming engine that the developer has formulated for this one. You can do all the moves that are seen in a soccer and have a detailed action to view because of the very good graphics and some prolific animations of the players and the backgrounds. The camera can be placed anywhere you want and this gives you a new feel every time you play it. The game also involves coaching of players, team management options and making strategies for your matches. The A1 is so great that it adjusts automatically to your style of gameplay and makes the match tough for you. It is a complete package for all soccer fans and has many other installments in this series. Another one that you can go for here is Front Page Sports: Football Pro.