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G-Force (pc game)
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Solid flying action

This updated re-release of the earlier flight sim MiG-29 Fulcrum is a solid, if unspectacular addition to the genre which provides some decent flying thrills for ardent aviation fans. If you've played the original game, or most flight sims for that matter, you'll know what to expect here. Players get the chance to jump into the cockpit of a MiG 29 fighter plane and take part in a series of high octane missions that see you engaging land- and air-based enemies with a variety of devastating weaponry. This is basically the same game as the original, but with a few new features to give it an extra coat of shine. Most notable of these is the graphics which are now more detailed and realistic, with terrain that is more varied and 3 dimensional, with the likes of entire mountain ranges now included, while there are also many more ground features to watch out for. You also have greater control over your weapon selection and are able to tailor your load-outs for a variety of situations which is a nice addition. While there is only the one plane on display here, it is replicated well, with great handling characteristics that feel authentic and which will keep even hardened genre fans tested. The missions too are pretty challenging and varied, offering a nice mix of environments to fly through and opponents to take down, most of whom are highly smart pilots and who will give you a run for your money. If you're a dedicated flying fan you should find some enjoyment here as will newcomers to the genre, thanks to the game's solid mix of elements. Check out Tornado too for one of the best flight sim examples.