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Galgje Deluxe (pc game)
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Dutch Hangman

If you like Hangman, also happen to speak a bit of Dutch, and you want a mid 90s DOS style game of the same recipe, Galgje Deluxe will offer you a great build, and an adventurous product that is sure to keep you well entertained. Also, what Galgje Deluxe does, is really take on very colorful clothes. Sure, it's still in 8bit, so it's not very careful in terms of style; it's definitely a budget game, but a fun one. So, the idea is that you need to find a word (the vocabulary is Dutch only). You get a few letters and you can guess the next ones. Asking for a new letter, or imputing a wrong letter will get your little man, closer to being hanged. So, be very calculated about your choices (and have a large Dutch vocabulary available!). Else, just download a classic Hangman in English, so you and your English speaking friends can have a good time with it. Otherwise it's just not worth looking into it. It won't have anything to offer you, Galgje Deluxe, unless you are a student of Dutch or a native speaker of it!