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Gargoyle Medieval Pack (pc game)
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Gargoyle-based fun and frolics

This little collection of three gargoyle-themed minigames isn't exactly staggeringly entertaining or possessed of immense amounts of longevity, but if you're in an undemanding mood and have ten minutes to kill, it might just be worth a look. The first game on offer here finds a single gargoyle attempting to burn down a castle and with only the player able to prevent the disaster. You control a movable water tank which you must use to catch the gargoyle's fireballs before they hit the ground, while the gargoyle and fireballs gradually increase speed the more successful you are. The next game is more like Space Invaders and finds several waves of gargoyles on the attack, with the player now in control of a shooting wagon armed with arrows which must be fired into the attackers. A few powerups and bonuses are thrown into the mix for this one, along with the occasional boss fight. The third game takes place with the gargoyles in the castle and who are now throwing your comrades out. Your task here is to move a trampoline so you can catch your falling buddies before they hurt themselves, with this game requiring little more than quick reactions in order to succeed. None of the three games are spectacular when taken by themselves and even when considered together, they aren't going to set the world on fire. However, they do provide a reasonable amount of fun and make for the ideal time waster. The graphics are actually quite nice, with the gargoyles being the stars of the show so if you are looking for something to kill a few minutes, take a look here.