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Gazillionaire Deluxe (pc game)
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  • This is what awaits in the future
  • Borrowing money from Mr. Zinn for your spacecraft
  • Welcome to Loro, the pleasure planet
  • Do you give Lady Shimmer a lift to LORO?
  • Vandergriff Ltd. won the property auction
  • Game of Interactive Wheelin' and Dealin'
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Space trade simulation: quite good

You must have played space flight simulation but space trade management might not be that common for you. Well this game is about trade management in space where you will be playing as a trader who moves from one planet to another and across some fictional galaxies doing trade. The trade dynamics involved in the game are very much similar to those that operate in the real world. So this means that the game will also be a learning curve for you. You will basically need to buy items at a low price and sell the same somewhere else at a higher price. You need to consider the demand of an item at some planet and get them in order to make money. On your journey from planet to planet, you will also come across different characters which involves smugglers, hitch hikers and the space police. The trading and the decision making in the game is based on strategy and it is a turn based game. The A1 has been made tough to give you a good time on board and the UI is also well designed. The graphics are an inch above average and the gameplay is really good. Sim Town is a good alternate if you need an exciting management simulation.

Trading business game

Gazillionaire is a totally adictive game about trading. You are a space cargo ship owner, travelling between planets in a fictional galaxy, trying to buy low and sell high. On your way you encounter all sorts of characters (space police, smugglers, hitch-hikers, etc) and events (soaring fuel prices on one planet, lack of goods on another). It is turn-based, hot seat enabled, and also you have computer opponents. Sequence of turns is decided by spaceship speed and distance between planets. We had a total blast, and without knowing it, we learned a lot about economics.