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Point and click done right

Another game from the creators of Primordia, this is a further example of the enduring popularity of the point and click adventure and which channels such influences as Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle. This one is another complex science fiction adventure which sees the player exploring a dark future in the guise of multiple characters, one a former assassin and the other a prisoner whose mind has been wiped. The setting for the game is a far off colony which is under the grip of a powerful criminal gang. Everything plays out in traditional point and click fashion, with the player exploring the colony, grabbing items to use in inventory based puzzles and interacting with the city's various inhabitants, while uncovering the mysterious plot. Puzzles also include those based around dialogue trees, where you must choose the correct options and environmental ones. While much of the game is familiar, some nice additions include the ability to control both the characters and for them to communicate with each other and the copious amounts of lore which can be discovered. The game also includes death for both characters, so you really have to think about your actions, and perhaps most interestingly, there are some light action elements, in the form of a cover-based shooting system. Items can also be moved around, which is unusual for this type of game. Gemini Rue really is another treat for adventure fans. The new elements bring a lot to the table, while the visuals, puzzles and story are all spot on, so really if you're into this kind of thing or want to find out what the fuss is about, this is a great game to play.