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Gobliiins Trilogy (pc game)
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  • I think that scarecrow is watching us
  • Who you callin' ugly?!
  • I feel sorry for the king
  • The cure for madness
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Get puzzling!

If you're into classic strategy/puzzle games like Lemmings and The Lost Vikings then this triple pack is a great option to add to your collection. It combines the first three games in the Gobliins series and although it might be argued that three such similar games might be a bit too much, there's no denying this offers good value. The first game introduces you to a team of three goblins who are on an epic quest to find some magic artefacts that can help save their kingdom. Each goblin has a specific skill so you'll need to use each of them carefully in order to solve the many puzzles which form the bulk of the game. The second one is similar but only sees you in control of two goblins with the story this time requiring you to rescue a prince. The third game picks things up with a more complex narrative involving a goblin journalist getting bitten by a werewolf while getting caught up in dispute regarding the rights to explore a strange labyrinth. This time around you've only got one goblin to control but again the gameplay is similar. Although the three titles are broadly the same, there's still a huge amount of entertainment to be had here and you're in for a good time if you pick this up. All three adventures boast a nice line in humor and clearly don't take themselves too seriously while the visuals are simple enough but quite charming. The various puzzles are generally well done and challenging while being satisfying to solve and the subtle differences between the games means that this is a great value pack.