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Gods: Lands of Infinity (pc game)
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The gods are watching

A far cry from the mighty heights of Skyrim, this is a cheap and only slightly cheerful fantasy RPG that is probably best played by those with a low threshold for quality. It's obviously been done on a budget and while that's not always a bad thing, here the game just looks and plays too cheesily to be memorable or much fun. The story revolves around the usual fantasy nonsense of warring gods, with the player in control of Vivien, a god who has lost her powers and who is embarking on an epic quest to recover a weapon of ultimate power with which to end the war. The gameplay is just as typical for the genre and finds you exploring a vast land in first-person while picking up quests, chatting with the locals, fighting monsters and so on. You can also get other characters to join your party while there's also the expected leveling up to be done. Battle is turn-based, similar to Final Fantasy, while the game's one attempt at doing something original is the trading aspect, with a limited production line set up between traders in different towns and which does give the game at least a bit of distinctiveness. Apart from this however, there's little of interest here to anyone but the most dedicated of RPG fans. Everything, from the story to the visuals, is the same old stuff that we've seen a million times before and which gets old pretty quickly. This lack of originality could be forgiven if the game was fun to play but it isn't really and it all turns into a tedious slog-fest quickly enough. Avoid unless you have really low standards.