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Gold Hunt (pc game)
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Minimalist puzzle game

While this kind of thing might have been acceptable back in the day, any modern gamer who decides on a whim to check out Gold Hunt is going to wonder what kind of crazy drugs people were taking back then. It's a bizarrely simple concept for a game and while simplicity is often a great thing (just look at Pacman and Tetris), in this case, that lack of complexity really hurts the game and reveals a distinct lack of any long term appeal. Gold Hunt is a sort of puzzle game, but that's using the term loosely, and bears a passing resemblance to Minesweeper but without that game's appeal. The player is presented with a terribly dull and basic screen, lacking in any kind of detail, visual flash or creativity and is simply charged with, as the name suggests, hunting gold. You're dryly informed how many steps you are away from the treasure and must make your way to it by applying the principles of the childhood game of 'Hot and Cold' until you stumble across it and can celebrate with whoops of joy. While this could have been an entertaining take on a classic, it really isn't worth playing unless you're absolutely desperate for something to do and have literally played every other game in existence. There's nothing to keep the eye hooked, with graphics that are as minimal as it is possible to be, while the gameplay itself is almost non-existent and after about thirty seconds of play you realise that you've seen everything the game has to offer. Really, this one isn't worth playing even on the wettest, most miserable Sunday afternoon imaginable.