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Gothic 3 Gold (pc game)
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  • Approaching the town centre
  • Fighting a T-REX dinosaur
  • Looking at the waterfall with a shield on your back
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Fight the gods

Comparisons with the Elder Scrolls series are inevitable for the Gothic franchise, particularly with Oblivion, and while this one doesn't quite live up to these high standards, the Gothic games still provide some reasonable entertainment. This Gold edition of the third game packs Gothic 3 with the Forsaken Gods add-on so if you are curious about it, this is a good way to find out what it's all about. The story does continue from the events of Gothic 2, with our heroes finding themselves venturing deeper into their fantasy realm as chaos erupts with war between the orcs, rebel humans and a mysterious assassin's guild, and with magic disappearing from the land. If you've played any of the previous games, the gameplay will be familiar, as this is an open-world RPG, with the usual quests, upgrading and so on, although the combat has changed to a more detailed but still slick system. The Forsaken Gods pack continues the plot after the main game has finished but also subtly changes the combat again. Gothic 3 is still a pretty solid example of the action RPG genre and for any fan of this sort of thing, it's more than worth a look. The story is a nicely complex one and proves pretty engrossing, and although there aren't many changes to the core gameplay, it still holds up well. The visuals are quite lovely and the presentation is well done, while the expansion pack does a nice job of extending the game's lifespan. It's perhaps not as rich and deep as some of its rivals, but it's still a fine game.