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Graduation (pc game)
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One of the best life simulations

Graduation is a great "life sim" game which has a very good and unique plot which is itself the goal of the game. The plot is that you will play as a teacher who will teach 5 girls in a homeroom. All the girls in the game have their unique personality and problems which you will have to cater through your teaching, guidance, counseling and decision making. Apart from the teaching and the guidance, you can also alter their weekend plans and can move out with them to check whether they are behaving well and are not getting involved in some trouble. Every decision that you will make will decide that whether they are successful in doing their graduation, are up to live a good life, get good jobs and shape up well. The boss will have look at your decision by checking the outcome of the decisions. If the girls decide to marry you, this means that you have failed to ploy a balanced strategic decision making and you will get fired by the boss. So not only you need to groom them but do not make them fall for you. The graphics in the game are very much what we see in anime movies and UI is well synced. The game is quite parallel but a little inferior to Princess Maker 2.