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Dull, dull, dull

If you've ever played a trading simulator like The Patrician or Port Royale you might be tempted to check out this similarly-styled game. However, unless you're a true die-hard genre fan, there's nothing here to interest you and in all likelihood, even hardcore fans will likely be bored by it all. The game throws you into the Middle Ages, just as European development is kicking off, and charges you with leading your people out into the world. You'll utilize trading, research and conquest to achieve your aims, while facing natural disasters and other such obstacles, all against the backdrop of a realistically portrayed medieval Europe. The whole thing plays out in real time, and includes a large world to explore, multiple military units, complex research trees and all the other things that you associate with such games. If all of this sounds familiar, it's because you've seen it all before in a million other similar games and this one's biggest problem is that there is simply nothing new to discover. In its favor, the trading system is suitably robust, with plenty for commerce fans to get excited about, while the visuals are surprisingly nice, with detailed and suitably epic landscapes. However, the game lacks the complexity and depth of better such games and feels very dumbed down. This does make it accessible to genre newcomers but even if you are one of these people, you probably won't have much fun here as it's all very dry and lacking in obvious entertainment. Probably best avoided.