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Grave Yardage (pc game)
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  • Activision
  • Eye game
  • Who will be
  • Grave Yardage pc game
  • Is down
  • Alleyup
  • Go down on it
  • Position
  • See you on top
  • Littering
  • Quarterback
  • Plenty
  • I love this crazy game !
  • 100 points for smashdown!
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Violence and sports combine in a fun package

Sports fans looking for an humorous variation on the usual action might do well to take a look at this little known American football game, which combines sports, horror and weapons to create a fun game that is perfect for short bouts of play. Offering far simpler gameplay than the likes of the John Madden series, the twist here is that players control teams of undead creatures on the field, with an eye for a ball and copious opportunities for engaging in brutal fights with the opposing team. The pitch is littered with mines too, just to add to the challenge, while weapons are also available to swing the fight in your favour. Grave Yardage will undoubtedly appeal to fans of Blood Bowl or Brutal Sports Football, with its twisted humour and over-the-top violence making it a refreshing addition to the sports genre. Graphically, the game is a little lacking in the personality that such a game really requires, with characters that don't pop off the screen as much as they should, while sound is limited to some fairly basic effects. The game is also lacking the kind of options expected today, restricting its long-term appeal but the gameplay is where it shines and it is undeniably fun watching your team hack it out on the field. Grave Yardage is certainly not a deep game, and is not for serious armchair managers, but if you just want some gratuitous violence mixed in with your sports action, take a look here.