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Great Battles of Hannibal, The (pc game)
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  • Courtesy of Abandonware France.
  • Courtesy of Abandonware France.
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Highly playable, lots of units, not very atmospheric TBS

The Great Battles of Hannibal is a turn based strategy, top down, non isometric but with a very slight tilt of the virtual camera so that you see more than just the units from a perfect above perspective. But what makes the game alright is its relatively expert use of simple mechanics and lots of units to create very tight and very tactical battles. I wouldn't say that the game is historically accurate, but it does use a great deal of era units, from elephants to small phalanx units, to mounted units and so on. Graphically, the game showcases a lot of the playing field, so the units are rather small, but that is very helpful in the long run. There is also a rather welcomed unity of colors between the (oftentimes) sand like yellows of the playing fields and the units which are also depicted using browns in the same color temperature and hue. Thus, while modern TBS games are all (well, many of them!) about saturated colors, this one is quite relaxing and taxing on your eyes, thus, much better for prolonged plays. Surely worth a try, plus, it's a very dynamic game and will work with modern OSes without issues. Try American Conquest for, this time, a real time game top down RTS but similarly graphically constructed.