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Greatest Paper Airplanes, The (pc game)
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  • KittyHawk
  • History of flight...
  • Interesting explaination of physics
  • Creating a Hammerhead plane
  • Here some design
  • Select one plane
  • A snapshot extracted from gameplay video.
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Folded paper airplanes...simulator! (multimedia suite)

The Greatest Paper Airplanes is a really neat piece of software, a sort of instructible that teaches you how to fold and make a dozen or so paper planes. Thus, if you will, The Greatest Paper Airplanes is a friend simulator, which, instead of laughing at you for not knowing how to fold a paper plane, takes the exact opposite approach, teaching you a step by step approach to make you a paler plane expert folder, of models of planes you weren't even aware could be produced that way! Also, to its glory, The Greatest Paper Airplanes packs nice animations along with step by step diagrams, because, we've all been there: just telling someone hot to fold something, as carefully and as well expressed as possible, cannot really replace showing that, for real! So, with a good database, beautiful and well animated graphics and that idiot's guide type mindset/attitude, you too can become a paper plane expert and impart that knowledge like a king in the playground. Ehh, if you were still a kid though, or if kids these days would still playing in the real world (TM!) Otherwise, if this is a skill you can do without; go for a cool plane sim, say, one of them Microsoft Flight simulator games!