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Greyhound (pc game)
3.33 out of 5 (3 votes)
  • Wait...Yellow's name is STD? That ain't good...
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Bet on the winning!

Here's a game where minimalism taken to extremes is not really in its favor. But, you have to forgive it, it is more of an experiment in setting up a betting game rather than anything else, and for what it tried to do I think it succeeded. So, here's the deal: you bet on a dog, a dog that will later be in a fight. You don't just bet blindly, as you have access to a sum of information about the said dog, and, as it is, you pretty much get enough into to make an interesting choice as to whom might be the winner. The game then sets out to set up the fight, which is described by dots going about and mashing onto one another. Yeah, it's just there so it won't look as there is nothing going on! To what degree this dot battle is informed by the simulation math behind it I couldn't tell, probably someone that would hack the game would see if it's just a random animation or it's got something going for itself! At any rate, the dice is rolled the moment you've made your bet, and, while you get informed by snippets of text what is going on in the arena, you can't really do much about it! Thus, yeah, a proof of concept game all in all, alright execution wise and pretty interesting math wise, but no exciting game, unless for the most intense of betting and probability experts out there!