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GRID Autosport (pc game)
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Hit the road, Jack

The GRID series of driving games is actually a pretty solid franchise to dip into if you're looking for something with the thrills of Need For Speed and the depth of Gran Turismo. The first GRID game was more for those after a realistic experience, while GRID 2 was a bit more arcade-oriented, and this third offering falls somewhere in between. There's none of that story nonsense that the NFS games have introduced in recent years and instead this one simply offers heaps of autosport action to thrill you. The range of options here is pretty extensive and you've got several racing disciplines to try out, while there's also a large amount of driving styles to test, from full campaigns, to single races, custom cups, and of course online play. You'll race on some impressive recreations of real world courses, from Spa-Francorchamps to Indianapolis, as well as fictional tracks in Dubai, Paris and more. As expected, there's heaps of real cars to drive too, with plenty of options to tweak them all over, making this a real petrolhead's dream. In terms of sheer content and thrills, then this can't really be faulted. Everything has been put together nicely so that the actual driving is never less than intense and exciting, while the range of tracks and cars means there's always something new to see and try. There are some wobbly design choices in terms of structure, notably in single-player mode, but when the actual racing is as enjoyable as this is and the visuals as slick, it's easy to forgive such things.