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Grid Poker (pc game)
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  • This is a strange type of Poker
  • My current card is a Jack of Spades
  • Let's search for some cards
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Poker Solitaire; more fun than expected!

In Grid Poker your goal is to arrange the cards in winning poker hands; thus, you can arrange them in color, full house, and so on, and you have to complete each grid as they are shown in the game. You win, as in classic solitaire, when you've managed to arrange all the cards in an orderly fashion, following the rules, and when the deck of cards is emptied. It can take a while, but for solitaire or poker funs it sure is fun. Also, another cool thing about the game is that it combines very minimal 2D graphics, of an 8bit DOS style with ASCII, yet still manages to create a playable, and easily readable array of cards. The idea is that the more valuable the card combinations, the more points they offer you, yet they are also harder to get. So, try to combine pairs of cards, where possible and don't always go for the higher value hands. Also, you might want to play Grid Poker if you like to learn more about poker and if classic solitaire is somewhat exhausted its appeal for you, and want something a little different!