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Ground Control: Dark Conspiracy (pc game)
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First rate add-on for a great sc-fi experience

The original Ground Control is an enjoyable slice of sci-fi strategy that takes the real-time combat of Command & Conquer but largely takes out the resource management to create a little known gem. Dark Control is an expansion pack for the game so if you haven't checked that out first, then do yourself a favour and spend some time with it before moving on to this. The gameplay here remains largely similar to the main game, with players drawn in to a well-realised and complex sci-fi universe where rival mega-corporations rule over everything. Combat is played out in real-time, with players having access to a wide range of vehicles and troops, including tanks and airborne units, each with distinct weapons and capabilities, and with some notable differences between the two factions in terms of the weapons they use. The main focus with this expansion is a new campaign mode which picks up the story where the first game left off and which provides 15 single-player missions dealing with the fallout from its predecessor. An entirely new faction is also introduced which have some nice units and weapons to make use of, while existing factions also get a couple of new units each, with some new multi-player maps and environment types thrown in for good measure. For any fans of Ground Control, this makes for an excellent add-on and which expands the game's appeal considerably. The campaign is gripping, with a narrative that is full of twists and turns, while the new faction and units bring some much appreciated variety to proceedings, making this is a must-play for fans of the original, with the sequel, Ground Control II, also well worth a look.