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GTA 4: Grand Theft Auto 4 (pc game)
5 out of 5 (4 votes)
  • Just got another car for free
  • Someone dares to mess with me?
  • Cover game
  • I know nothing of speed limits
  • Cruising around town
  • I'll show him who's boss!
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GTA hit!

Here it is GTA 4, it's absolutely the best sandbox game ever released. It seemed like Rockstar has taken care of everything in this game, starting from gameplay to realistic physic an graphics. I cannot tell in short how many things are in this game that makes it so awesome... the attention to detail is extraordinary! Even on the lowest settings you still get a beautiful view of Liberty City. Not only this game has awesome graphics but it plays great. The controls are what we're familiar with from previous installments, mostly to San Andreas. Simulations cannot be as fun as arcades, but here it's not the case. What happens when you crash your car so hard that your character flies out the window and hits the pavement? You'll search for another car and try to do it again! Getting rid of the cops is an improvement as well, because you don't have to respray your car in order to lose the cops: you need to get out of their view for a few seconds and they no longer know who you are. The story is good enough to put on the edge of your seat while you play. It's get more and more intense as you progress. The side activities are all fun and you can invite the friends you make in the game to do these activities with you, like bowling or darts. Be sure to have a strong computer before getting the game, because this game asks a lot from your computer, altough you won't regret!!