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Gunforce 2 (pc game)
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Kill the aliens, save the world

The original Gunforce isn't one of the best-known arcade games out there but for a bit of Metal Slug/Contra style run 'n' gun action, you could do far worse than digging it out. This sequel is pretty much the same thing all over again but it has Irem's distinctive touch to it so even if it's not quite so good as R-Type, it's still a fine action romp. There's probably some kind of story to this one but it's all pretty inconsequential stuff and all you really need to know is that you're a lone soldier sent in to hostile territory to deal with an alien threat that promises to end all life as we know it if left unchecked. What all this means is that you get to roam your way through a series of 2D scrolling levels, blasting a whole bunch of nasty aliens and mechanical monstrosities with a range of weapons. You've got flamethrowers and other heavy guns while you can also jump into a variety of vehicles like jets, tanks, and even mechs for some added fun. Of course, you've got the obligatory end of level bosses too. It might not be overly original but Gunforce 2 is a surefire blast. It scores a lot of points for its visuals which have that gorgeous nineties look to them, with some cracking enemy and level design. The action comes at you hard and fast, with some pretty impressive enemies which are challenging and smart while the range of weapons is satisfying enough to give the game some extra appeal. The option to jump into vehicles is a nice touch too so when all things are considered, this makes for a solid arcade experience.